Industrial Rehab

First Choice Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing the most effective medical treatment in the most cost efficient manner possible. We strive to provide you with the tools to do the best job possible. We are proud to offer quality one-on-one physical therapy services.

First Choice Physical Therapy understands the challenges of a workers’ compensation injury and the adverse effects that can occur if not treated appropriately. We have a strong workers’ compensation focus. Our commitment is to assist employers control their workers’ compensation costs and maintain healthy and productive workers.

Our Vision and Goals

  • Strong workers’ compensation focus and commitment.
  • Communication – contact case managers, insurance representatives & physicians with treatment progress, plateaus, any red flags and inconsistencies.
  • Aggressiveness – assist employees achieve full functional ability to promptly return to work.
  • Consistency in care – the same physical therapist throughout the employee’s care.
  • Patients receive one-on-one treatment from their physical therapist.
  • Reports – promptly sent to physicians, case managers, and insurance representatives with key information in an easy to read format.
  • Appointment availability within 24 hours.
  • Early and late appointment times to accommodate for work hours.
  • Therapists review proper body mechanics with each employee to educate them to work more safely and prevent recurring injuries.