Dementia Capable Care

Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Dementias affects about 5 million Americans. The number is expected to grow to 14-16 million. About 60-85% of people in long-term care have Alzheimer’s or a related dementia.

Satisfactory dementia care starts with Dementia Capable Care. Dementia capable care focuses on what people with Alzheimer ’s disease and Related Dementias can still do as opposed to what they cannot do. Based on Claudia Allen’s Cognitive Levels, one is able to determines an individual’s Best ability to Function and give the just right challenge.

There are five levels of Dementia progressing from level 5 with a mild cognitive impairment to level 1with end stage dementia.  A group of our therapists are trained to administer the Allen Cognitive Assessments and determine what stage of dementia the individiaul is in to determine that individuals best ability to function and offer the just right challenge.

It is often challenging to communicate with individuals with Alzheimer ’s disease and Related Dementias. Our therapists are trained in understanding how to communicate with individuals with dementias and how to read behaviors.