Hand Therapy and Upper Extremity Rehab

Occupational Therapy and hand therapy is a specific practice that centralizes on treating many conditions of the arm from tendonitis of the wrist/elbow (De Quervains tenosynovitis, Lateral Epicondylitis commonly known as Tennis Elbow) to fractures of the hand/arm to the post stroke shoulder.  Other injuries or diagnoses frequently seen by our Occupational therapists are tendon lacerations post operatively, trigger finger (conservative treatment and post surgically), hand deformities such as Dupuytren’s contracture, arthritis (including Rheumatoid or osteoarthritis), trauma-related issues such as burns or amputations and carpal/cubital tunnel releases.  At times, your physician may request custom splinting to immobilize your hand, wrist or elbow which is provided by our staff.

Per AOTA on the role of Occupational therapy with hand therapy, “Hand therapy typically addresses the biomechanical issues underlying upper-extremity conditions. However, occupational therapy practitioners bring an added dimension to this specialty area. They use an occupation-based and client-centered approach that identifies the participation needs of the client—what he or she wants to be able to do in daily life that is fulfilling and meaningful—and emphasizes the performance of desired activities as the primary goal of therapy.” AOTA 2011

Please visit the website below for additional information regarding Occupational therapy and its unique role in rehabilitation of the hand, upper extremity and stroke recovery.