Together, We’ll Improve Our Patients’ Mobility…and Lives.

First Choice coordinates a team-approach for our mutual patients’ maximum function and mobility. If you’re a physician, be assured your patients will receive excellent outpatient treatment, proper wheelchair and durable medical equipment evaluations, and appropriate home modification recommendations. We offer the best of both services, outpatient and home-based patient care, to provide a holistic approach.

And if you’re a therapist, refer your patients when specialty services are needed to determine the most appropriate equipment. Assistive technology and home modification evaluations are available to improve safety, accessibility and quality of life within their home.

Members of our team include:

  • Patients
  • Family & Caregivers
  • Physicians
  • Therapists & ATPs
  • DME Suppliers & ATPs

Confused about what Medicare’s documentation requirements are for mobility devices?

Download our Medicare Quick Reference Guide (hyperlink?). This form is constantly updated. It simplifies the current Medicare guidelines for power mobility devices and the physician’s responsibilities in documenting the face-to-face examination.

Statutory Requirements for PMDs

Physician’s Face-to-Face Exam: Your exam must be specific to the power mobility device.

The Face-to-Face Exam report must be provided in your practice’s usual medical records format. Any letters or forms you create for the Face-to-Face Exam report must be presented with the supporting chart notes in the practice’s usual medical record format.

Fill-in-the-blank forms or documents created by a DME company for the face-to-face examination are prohibited by Medicare.

Other fill-in-the-blank forms provided by a DME company (e.g., the Texas Academy of Family Physicians and Florida Academy of Family Physicians) ARE NOT sufficient to meet Medicare’s statutory requirements.

The 7-Element Physician’s Order: Download our blank 7-element order. DME suppliers are prohibited from filling out any information on a prescription or 7-element order. DME suppliers cannot provide a pre-made prescription form with the DME company information printed on it. It is best to use our blank 7-element order as a guide and provide the prescription with the 7-elements on your practice’s usual prescription format.

The Detailed Product Description (DPD): This document will be provided by the equipment supplier. This form is the only form an equipment supplier is allowed to create for your signature and patients’ medical records.