Speech Therapy

Our speech language pathologists design treatment plans to address speech and communication problems, cognitive deficits, and swallowing dysfunction. These treatment plans focus on comprehension and expressive skills for verbal and written communication, speech sound production, as well as cognitive status, which may include memory, orientation, and reasoning skills. For patients with swallowing disorders, speech language pathologists work to implement programs to improve oral muscle strength, coordination, and range of motion, as well as to provide and instruct patients on compensatory strategies and modifications to improve swallow function. Our speech therapy team works with all populations, including children and adults.

Speech therapists provide treatment for the following areas:

  • aphasia
  • apraxia
  • articulation and phonology disorders
  • cerebral vascular accident
  • cognition and memory care
  • dysarthria
  • dysphagia- feeding and swallowing disorders
  • genetic conditions
  • language delays and disorders
  • neurological conditions
  • stuttering
  • tongue thrust reduction program
  • traumatic brain injury
  • voice disorders