Language Disorders

Language disorders occur for a variety of reasons in all age groups.  When a person has difficulty understanding what others say or has difficulty expressing an idea or thought this is considered a language disorder.

Please see ASHA’s in-depth website for more information about both Adult and Childhood Speech and Language Disorders.

Adult Speech & Language Disorders

Childhood Speech & Language Disorders 

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Here are some tips for increasing your little one’s verbalizations:

  • Keep it simple.  Children often use short utterances.  They learn by modeling.  Use shorter sentences when playing or speaking with younger children.
  • Everyday is a vocabulary adventure.  Point out new items at the grocery store, the mall, or a restaurant to help build vocabulary.
  • Narrate your life.  “Mommy is cooking.”  “Daddy is cleaning the dishes.”  “Grandma is driving the car.”
  • Read to your children!  Point out pictures in books, and don’t worry about going off script.