Tongue Thrust Reduction Program

What is a tongue thrust?  A tongue thrust is an abnormal swallowing pattern in which an individual pushes the tongue against or between the teeth.  It is a behavioral pattern that causes the tongue to protrude during swallowing, speech and/or at rest.  Children and adults can suffer from tongue thrusting and it is noted to cause decreased speech intelligibility, tongue protrusion during eating/drinking and abnormal dental alignment.

A tongue thrust can be reduced or eliminated with skilled speech therapy intervention.  Speech therapy emphasizes an intensive oral muscle strengthening program with re-education of oral-motor movements and swallowing patterns.  Success in a tongue thrust modification program is directly related to patient and family motivation and consistency.  The program requires consistent completion of home program exercises three times daily (for approximately 5-10 minutes per practice).  Parental involvement including monitoring of practice, while providing instruction and reminders, is crucial for successful program completion for children.

The program consists of 12 weekly visits:

  • One 1 hour evaluation and first treatment session
  • Eleven ½ hour treatment sessions

Program Fee:*

One-on-one treatment sessions:

  • Evaluation – $98.00
  • Treatment Sessions – $49.00 each
  • Total Cost – $637.00

*PLEASE NOTE:  You should consult with your insurance company for policy coverage of the above program.
If you have any questions, would like additional information or would like to schedule an appointment for an initial evaluation, please call (217) 224-1750.